Posted by Gentle Giant, Ltd. on 06/27/2020

The Photo Contest is in full swing!

Check out Toyshooter's feedback on some of the latest submissions to the Photo Contest!

Please note: the feedback does not indicate any judgement on placement in the contest, but is meant for fans to learn from and use to their benefit.

If you'd like to learn more about toy photography, check out Toyshooter's GGLTD Photo Contest advice article and his photography course!

The contest ends July 2nd at 12pm EST so there's still plenty of time to get your photo in!

From Jose G.: 

TOYSHOOTER: Jose's shots are great, the Ugnaught is especially great composition wise.

From Sven B.: 

TOYSHOOTER: Sven's shots looked a bit overly reliant on the backgrounds at first glance, but on review he's not done a bad job of matching the lighting on Fett to the lighting in each pic which is more apparent looking at his three submissions sides by side.

From Oleg M.: 

TOYSHOOTER: This Wicket shot is a real stand out!

From Robert P.: 

TOYSHOOTER: Solid effort for creativity here - I can see what he's going for it's really difficult to pull off so even though there's a couple of problems with the shot, kudos for the effort!

From Kayla M.: 

TOYSHOOTER: Looks promising, but it's underexposed. Get some lighting in there!

To see all the entries under consideration for the Fans' Choice Award, make sure to take a look at Gentle Giant Ltd.'s Instagram feed.

To see how you can enter the Photo Contest, check out the rules and prizes here!

And have fun!