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What is the Gentle Giant Premier Guild?

The Premier Guild was started as a way to share exclusive products and discounts with a devoted fan base. Under Diamond Select Toys, the Premier Guild will continue in the spirit of that intent, while making improvements based on direct customer feedback. Want to see the full list of benefits that come with the 2019 Guild Membership? Take a look here or at the breakdown chart at the bottom of the page!

What is new this year?

The 2019 Premier Guild will keep the tiered subscription-based structure from previous years so you can choose the right type of subscription for how you collect! We know not every person collects the same way or the same things, so we wanted to offer options for different collectors. We’ve modified the benefits for 2019 to be more practical and upfront, including more discounts at all tier levels!

If you are a Premier Guild member just to get the con exclusives, we have a level for you, if you want your membership to be close to what it has been in the past we have a level for you, if you are a hardcore Gentle Giant Ltd fan and want some super rare items we have a membership level ready for you, too!

As the first year under Diamond Select Toys, we want to recognize how the Premier Guild has been handled in the past: so at each tier, we’ve doubled the number of discount coupons available for any item at the Platinum and Gold tiers. We’ve also added an additional discount coupon for in-stock products at all tiers. 

In addition, as a Premier Guild member you’ll have early access to exclusive, limited-run product that we create specifically as convention exclusives!

No matter your level of fandom, there’s a Premier Guild Tier for you!

What do I get if I join?

YOU get to decide that! Depending on what level you choose it’s a LOT! ANY level you choose you will get the cost of membership back in the form of something incredible!! You can compare the three levels of membership and their benefits from the chart below and decide which level is right for you.

Do we still get discounts?

YES! We’ve doubled the number of discount coupons at the Platinum and Gold Tiers and added an additional discount coupon for all three tiers. Plus, the higher the tier you join, the better the discounts you get! Each tier of membership will receive some percentage off all their orders of non-exclusive/regular release products placed directly through the Gentle Giant Website. See the breakdown below. 

Additionally, as a Premier Guild Member you’ll be automatically enrolled in our VIP Rewards Points program. As you spend, you earn points that can be used toward future purchases!

Are there still going to be Premier Guild Exclusives?

Oh yes! As a Premier Guild Member, you will have the opportunity to purchase selected exclusives that we create for sale, including many distributor, international, website and convention exclusives. Each tier will have an exclusive window of opportunity to order the exclusive first. While supplies last. Members also have the opportunity to pre-order and post-order San Diego Comic Con Exclusives and Star Wars Celebration Exclusives before anyone else. While supplies last. Each tier will have an exclusive window to order the exclusives starting with platinum first, then gold then silver.

What are the Tiers for the 2018 Premier Guild?