​What Can the Star Wars Premier Guild Do For You?

​What Can the Star Wars Premier Guild Do For You?

Posted by DSTZach on 04/15/2019

With the 2018 Premier Guild end-date extended to June 30th, there’s still time for new and existing members to take advantage of the Guild’s benefits. That means it’s also time to talk about what you as a member need to do sooner rather than later!

First up, you need to pick your free gift(s) – each Platinum and Gold Premier Guild member gets to choose a quantity. Platinum members can choose a statue, two busts or a bust and a Jumbo figure, while Gold members can choose a bust or a Jumbo. This year’s gift choices include the Darth Maul Premier Collection Statue, the Bespin Leia bust, the Space Trooper bust, the Amanaman bust and the Bib Fortuna Jumbo figure. Members are also allowed to buy one each of the other gift items.

Next, you need to use your one-time use coupon code for either $35 (Platinum), $30 (Gold) or $10 (Silver) to buy any in-stock item in the GG Ltd. store. Additionally, each member gets a discount on regular-release items in the store – 15% for Platinum members, 10% for Gold and 5% for Silver.

Finally, subscribe to the newsletter, so you can get updates about the Premier Guild and news about Gentle Giant Ltd.!

More information about the 2019 Premier Guild will be available in the next couple of months, so keep an ear out!