Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Mini-Bust Raffle!

Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Mini-Bust Raffle!

Posted by DSTZach on 10/10/2019

Recently, Gentle Giant Ltd. shipped out the Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Mini-Bust to customers, all of whom placed their orders in 2018. While the bust was originally sold out, a number of orders could not be completed at the time of shipment, leaving a small quantity of Ahsokas unclaimed.

In order to fairly distribute the remaining busts to customers, Gentle Giant Ltd. is holding a raffle for 2019 Premier Guild members to be able to purchase Ahsoka for her original price, $120. All 2019 PG members will be allowed to place an order, but only a select number will be randomly chosen to have their orders completed. Only the winning customers will be charged, non-winning customers will not be charged. Customers who have previously purchased Ahsoka will not be eligible. The Membership Discount will not apply.

Please hold off on applying any Coupon Codes UNTIL you receive a notice that you've won. We can't reverse Coupon Codes after you've used them, so applying them to an order that is going to be canceled means you lose out on that Coupon Code. If you've won and would like to use a Coupon Code, please reply to your notice with the Coupon Code and we will happily apply it to your order.

To enter to win the chance to purchase Ahsoka, click here (you must be a 2019 PG member to view):

To join the 2019 Premier Guild, click here:

Orders must be in by October 25th. Winners will be announced by October 30th, and busts will begin shipping on October 31st.