Collector: Evan G.

Location: Ontario, Canada

When did you first start collecting?

I first started collecting in 2019, purchasing my first bust at my local comic con. That seems to have been the spark that really got me into collecting.

How did you first start collecting?

I started collecting when I was about 5, starting off with action figures. As I grew older, I moved onto more art like pieces, that being the busts and statues you see now.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, etc.?

My collection is all star wars. More specifically the troopers of star wars. There was just something about a perfect super soldier as a kid that really got me j to them, especially the clone troopers

What was the first item that started your Gentle Giant, Ltd. collection?

The very first time I got was a 501st clone trooper bust. Seeing that the clones are my favorite of the star wars characters, it seemed fitting they would be my very first. Since then, I've been looking for almost all things clone related.

What are your favorite/most prized pieces in your collection?

Every piece in my collection is my favorite, but the one that stands out the most to me is my Ahsoka's clone trooper bust. Being with the clone wars since it began, having a bust of not only my favorite character but of the clones in the final episodes, it is definitely my most prized.

What is the most recent item you've acquired?

The most recent is the 2019 PPG Hawkbat battalion statue. The sheer amount of detail, size and presence of this piece really shines through and gives justice to a more or less unknown trooper.