Collector: Gavin B.

Location: Hauts de France, France

When did you first start collecting?

I first started collecting Gentle Giant products about 17 years ago when I first began to earn some money with work, but before I got into high quality collectibles like any other fan I had some toys and stuff that were more affordable when your younger. 

How did you first start collecting?

I started collecting Gentle Giant busts after having discovered them by a friend who worked in movie rental store and who had got me into Collecting with the Attakus statues back in the day before all the other big names hit the market. The Bust’s were a great way for me to get my hands on other characters that weren’t in full statue form and also a more interesting price range.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, etc.?

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.... I have spoken...!! Lol.

What was the first item that started your Gentle Giant, Ltd. collection?

The very first bust I purchased was the Greedo Mini bust..... I remember being absolutely blown away by the quality of the paint work and the overall pose of the character. Still one of my favorite bust’s to this day.

What are your favorite/most prized pieces in your collection?

It's not easy to have one prized piece when your in the collecting game because there are so many awesome pieces, and I'm the type of collector that has to have them all... I'm about 20 bust's of having the complete line of mini busts not to mention all of the preorders BUT If I was totally honest I would bring my favorite bust down to being the Queen Amidala Mini Bust. It's a truly amazing piece and it was my very first PGM gift. 

What is the most recent item you've acquired?

I literally just preordered the Darth Maul Rebels mini bust after having finished watching the show for the second time but my last item received was the Lak Sivrak Mini bust... 

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