GG x DST - Frequently Asked Questions

GG x DST - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Gentle Giant on 02/12/2019

Have questions about Diamond Select Toys' purchase of GG assets? Read on!


I placed an order and it’s still being processed. Will this change in ownership affect my order?

No, the order will still be filled by DST as planned by Gentle Giant, although the site will be shut down to new orders for a short period of time as it changes hosting locations. In-stock orders will be filled even as the transition occurs, and pre-orders will be filled once the items arrive.

Are you accepting returns/exchanges for completed orders?

Yes, the existing returns policy as laid out by Gentle Giant still applies:

Do I need to update any information in my account to maintain it?

No, not unless there has been a change on your side. All of your information, outstanding orders and memberships will carry over from Gentle Giant to DST.


I’m a Premier Guild Member. What will happen to my membership status?

The first action DST is taking is to extend all Guild memberships until the end of June at no cost to the members. At that time, you will need to re-up your membership to continue to enjoy your benefits. All members WILL receive their 2018 gifts, and if you have not selected a gift yet, please do so ASAP.

My Premier Guild Membership has a Point balance. Will I still be able to use those points?

DST will be announcing a plan soon on how you will be able to take advantage of the points that have accumulated under Gentle Giant Ltd.

Can I use my PGM Point balance for DST products?

At this time, we cannot apply points to purchases on

Are there new terms & conditions I need to agree to for my Premier Guild Membership?

Any new terms will be laid out at the time of renewal, this summer.

Can I transfer my Premier Guild Membership to someone else?

Memberships are non-transferable, but if you have concerns, contact

I’m not interested in continuing my Premier Guild Membership. How do I cancel?

Membership dues are non-refundable, but if you have concerns, contact


I have a Gentle Giant gift card with a balance. Will I be able to use that gift card?

Yes, your gift card will still be valid.

Will I be able to use my Gift Card for DST products?

At this time, we cannot apply Gentle Giant gift cards to purchases on