AskDST #452 - Star Wars, Marvel, & More!

AskDST #452 - Star Wars, Marvel, & More!

Posted by GGLTD on 11/01/2022

It’s a new Ask DST, and Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, Ltd.'s president, DSTChuck, is here to answer your burning questions! Curious what Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars Universe collectible is coming next? Want to know if we we have more plans for Lord of the Rings and Pacific Rim? You've come to the right place! Read on to see what Chuck has to say about Star Wars, Pacific Rim, The Lord of the Rings, and more! Don't see your question? Submit it to!


Ryan B.: Would really love a more formal update on the Wave 1 of Invader Zim figures, it's been almost a year since they were suppose to be released.
DSTChuck: We ran into production issues, so we have canceled everyone’s orders and will put them back up for pre-order when all of them are figured out.


Reinaldo L.: Hi. Any news on any DC theme collectibles. I'm a huge fan of Dr Fate and now with the new Black Adam movie I thought we would get some new figures.
DSTChuck: We are currently not working on DC at this time, but hope to again in the future.


Cesar C.: Do you plan to take out any figure of She-Hulk?
DSTChuck: We do not have any product based on the She-Hulk show at this this time.


Sean B.: I have been mailing in the license product form for awhile now. Do you guys get them? Is there any benefit for me to continue to mail those in?
DSTChuck: Yes, we review everyone’s answers and add them to our database. Thank you for filling them out!


Zach D.: I saw you are releasing a Bastila Shan statue soon, does this mean that we could expect a Darth Revan statue in the future? I need my Kotor fix since they indefinitely paused the remake!
DSTChuck: We will have to see how the video game characters sell , but yes we would love to do more.


Julian M.: My question is if you are going to get more predator figures?
DSTChuck: If you mean the Gallery statues, I am sorry we do not have any new ones planned at this time.


Markarit: Any chance of getting a Sam wise gamgee figure from the lord of the rings with a possible deluxe or exclusive with bill the pony? I know animals can be expensive and a lot of fans want a horse in the line, think it would be cool to get bill the pony since he would be smaller than a standard size horse and it could give you gives an idea of what the cost of a horse in the line would be while also being able to reuse certain parts of the same mold
DSTChuck: We do not have a Bill the Pony planned at this time, but we do have more LoTR planned so anything is possible.


Hovsep: As we are starting to see more companies making deluxe figures like Neca, Hasbro, etc. will we see more deluxe figures from DST? Would love an armored troll from LOTR anywhere from the $40-$60 range to army build
DSTChuck: We have discussed it from time to time, and we have done a few. I think for the most part, we will take it character by character based on what makes sense.


Olivier B.: Dear DST, still no release date for JEM :) ?? Where is the mysterious girl hiding ?
DSTChuck: We do not have a date for it yet.


Bodie L.: Hi, I’ve have been a diamond select toys collector for years, and I’ve got almost all of the action figures you have made. I was just wondering if you have ever considered making a X-men sentinel action figure. Thank you
DSTChuck: The limitations on our Marvel action figure license would make that very tricky.

Gavin R.: Are there any future plans to do a Gorr the God Butcher statue or diorama?
DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans for that character at this time.


Hovik S.: Is there a reason why we don't get a lot of figures in the marvel line? You see hasbro making 40+ figures a year and it seems like we only get 10% of that with DST, is Marvel limiting the amount of figures you can make or is it just preference to release less figures but of higher quality?
DSTChuck: I think it’s safe to say the Hasbro Marvel license is different than the DST deal.


Martin P.: I believe you had announced a Milestone statue of The Emperor from Return of the Jedi, what happened to that one ?
DSTChuck: We ran into costing issues with that piece with the rising production cost, material cost and transportation cost, so we are going to re-look at the piece and put it back out for sale as soon as we can.


Justin X.: Will you make the other jaegers and kaijus? A crimson typhoon with swappable hands would be awesome.
DSTChuck: Right now, we are focused on the Gypsy from the first movie, if that does well, we’ll have to see.