Ask DST: Star Wars, Marvel and Lord of the Rings!

Ask DST: Star Wars, Marvel and Lord of the Rings!

Posted by DSTChuck on 02/02/2021

It’s a new Ask DST, and this week president DSTChuck is fielding all of your Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. questions! From Star Wars busts and statues to Star Wars Select, and from Lord of the Rings to Marvel Select, he’s got answers to your burning inquiries, so read on, and if you don’t see your question, submit one here!


Regarding the Star Wars Select line, which by the way I would like to emphasize how great it seems to me that we finally have an alternative for Star Wars figures, I would like to know how much freedom Disney is giving you as to the characters you can do, I know that with Marvel Select line there are characters that you have no access to and another for which you have no interest, specifically I'd like to know if there's a chance to see characters from the animated and live action series in addition to the movie ones, you know characters like Din Djarin, moff Gideon, admiral Thrawn, Ahsoka, Ezra Bridger, captain Rex, etc.

Okay, one last question this time around regarding the Lord of the Rings Select line, is there anything else planned beyond the third series? and maybe throw us some kind of hint?. ;p

Thank you very much.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We work in very close collaboration with Lucasfilm and the Disney Store to decide the characters for the Star Wars line. As to Lord of the Rings, once we release the first line, we’ll see how fans respond. The universe is very deep, so if the response is strong, we’d LOVE to keep going!

Scott T.

Hello ! Are the mini bust of Dark Rey and Palpatine from Rise of Skywalker still coming out ? Thanks

<b>DSTChuck:</b> Yes, they are still coming out, they are just working through approvals and slotting in our schedule.

Maddie T.

Hello! I was wondering if by chance in the future we would get any more NBX dolls? (I know for action figures series 10 is releasing in October of 2021) I was hoping maybe we would get a 20” Oogie doll similar to the Jun planning release. Thank you.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> There are no plans at this time for the deluxe Oogie, sorry, but you never know.

Jeffry S.

Are the Avatar: The Last Airbender Wave 2 figures no longer manufactured or are more of the wave be produced?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> From time to time, if our sales department sees the demand with their retailers, we do re-run some action figures. We do not have any current plans for Avatar Series 2, but perhaps in the future.

Hugo U.

is there going to be any new figures for dark nights metal in particular the remaining member of the dark knight, murder machine, devastator, merciless?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We have no plans at this time for more Dark Knights Metal, sorry.

Jame F.

I apologize for disturbing you guys but I had a question that I was hoping you could help answer. I have seen many of your statues and they are absolutely exquisite. I see that you have in the past released some statues from the Star Wars universe pertaining to the old republic. Names such as Malak Malgus and Revan are characters that you guys have constructed in the form of statues that many people admire.
My question to you is will you guys ever be releasing such names ever again on your statue line? I have seen hundreds of posts I have several fans like myself looking for such statues to purchase. Thank you for your time. Have a great holiday and a very happy and healthy new year.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> You aren’t disturbing me, that’s why we’re here! For the Star Wars line, we look at all media formats for our releases: publishing, TV, movies and video games. So anything is possible!

Mikko M.- Since NECA is doing cartoon and movie TMNT figures, Super 7 is doing modernized versions of vintage TMNT figures and DC Collectibles had their take on the Heroes in a Half Shell, why not producing a line of TMNT figures yourselves? Fans would love figures based either on the 2003-2009 cartoon or the current IDW comic series.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We would very much like to expand on what we have offered for TMNT, but not sure at this moment what the future holds.

Thomas L.

I’m a long time collector going back to the Art Asylum refit Enterprise from 2005. As much as I love your Star Trek and Tron line, I’m actually curious if you have any interest in an action figures and/or ships line from The Expanse? I don’t know what if any licenses are available, I’ve seen some after market patches and shirts online, but no action figures or any collectibles of the sort for fans to collect.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We have no plans at this time for The Expanse, but never say never.

Christopher J.

Your Star Wars animated maquette lines were huge and loved by fans, a half decade or more back, especially you're The Clone Wars (2008) line, any chance we might see a return to animated maquette products?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> It’s been discussed, so you never know!

Dario C.

I have been a fan of the Jim Lee styled X-Men for about 20 years now. I have enjoyed Gentle Giant's on point sculpts of these X-Men characters. Will we ever get a Jim Lee styled 16 points of articulation Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey. What about a revised Jim Lee Wolverine with hairy arms, interchangeable hands and heads (unmasked) and a Jubilee and Professor X? Will that ever be a dream come true?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> While we have limited releases for Marvel Select each year, we do always look at the X-Men family for ideas.

Kevin K.

When will the nova marvel gallery go up for pre order

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We’re not sure at this point -- the Coronavirus caused us to make several changes in our release plans, so we’ll have to see. For the moment we have moved onto the VS line, so collectors can build that universe.

Scott O.

Hey, DS! I’d just like to start this off by saying how much I adore your figures. I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, but I tend to collect figures within the 7 inch scale (NECA, Mcfarlane, etc), so your line of figures has been a miracle. And from my experience, your Marvel Select line has been incredible in terms of sculpt and paintwork, and pretty decent articulation in recent years. I wanted to ask whether or not you had any plans of making any more villains in Spidey’s rogues gallery? Like Scorpion, Mysterio or Vulture for example? You’ve made a decent amount of his villains already, and they’ve all been really good, but I’m just wondering if there’s been any plans to make any more in the coming future. Thanks for reading this, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

<b>DSTChuck:</b> Glad you enjoy them. Spider-Man for sure is a personal favorite of mine, so I always look there for ideas.

Colby S.

Hi there! I was wondering when or if we would be getting any new information about waves five and six of the Avatar The Last Airbender figure line. I know the toy fair is cancelled until May of 2021 so I didn’t know if we would have to wait until then to hear anything about the upcoming waves or if we would be getting any information sooner than that! I love these figures and keep up the great work!

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We have discussed with the marketing department some ideas to give fans a look at the future plans for our lines in the absence of trade shows this year. Hopefully, we’ll have an announcement soon.

Jason W.

I have the three cantina denizens 1/6 scale statues that were made quite some time ago. I was wondering if there's a chance we could see more in that line? Maybe Momaw Nadon?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> At this time, I don’t think we have more in that statue line planned, but never say never.

Jay G.

Is it just going to be Gentle Giant busts & statues from now on?

<b>DSTChuck:</b> I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you are asking, but most lines DST and GG LTD currently produce are still going…

Timothy B.

hi there, have you stop producing and selling the big(ish) StarTrek Starships, i can't find them at all, many thanks

<b>DSTChuck:</b> We are still working on the ships, but have had to work through several roadblocks; hopefully we’ll have some updates for collectors soon.

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