Ask DST At NYCC - Day 1

Ask DST At NYCC - Day 1


It's that special time of year that we get to see some of your beautiful faces at New York Comic Con! We love getting to answer your collectible questions face-to-face, but for those that were not able to be there in-person, don't fret! We asked our collectible community to submit their burning questions using the hashtag #AskDSTatNYCC. From Day 1's inquiries, DSTChuck answered questions about Star Wars, G.I. Joe, The Muppets, and more! Read on to find out if your burning question was answered.

Peter A.: Plans to do Carnage as an Animated Bust?

DSTChuck: Right now we are only developing the animated shows as busts so we'll have to see what happens in the future.

Patrick C.: Why do you no longer make the life size R2-D2s?

DSTChuck: Gentle Giant made those before the DST purchase.

Peter A.: Any news on Anti-Venom Mini Bust or as a Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust?

DSTChuck: I don't believe those have been discussed before and I am sorry they are not in development at this time.

Page W.: Will you have a sneak peek of your G.I. Joe line at NYCC?

DSTChuck: We are showing TF and Joe Minimates at the show.

All Enterprise C Fans: When will the Enterprise C and Reliant be released? Have you lost the license?

DSTChuck: We have hit a couple road blocks and will update everyone as soon as we have final word one way or another.

Daniel P.: I'm loving that we are getting new Star Wars Jumbo figures again, but will we also see some more of the original 96 sprinkled in with these new figures/characters?

DSTChuck: The idea of more from that time period has not been ruled out.

@QuinnCrybaby: Hey! So any plans for a NBX Series 11? Or any ideas? Any chance of any other Tim Burton stop motion animation getting figures from you guys? Thanks! We're happy with what we have done with the 10 series but are open to the idea of more figures.

DSTChuck: We are showing TF and Joe Minimates at the show.

Daniel P.: Any more news/plans for more TRON or Black Hole Figures?

DSTChuck: We will have to see what Disney thinks about more figures.

@acoffia: I love the Muppet line so much and can't wait for Sam and Rizzo to join my collection. Any plans to continue the line with additional characters?

DSTChuck: We'll have to see. Right now we're taking it one at a time.

@DG_Xian: Any plans for DC statues or reissue?

DSTChuck: The DC lines are on hold at this time.

Joey D.: Are there anymore Star Trek Select figures planned at all? My Kelvin Spock and Kirk are lonely and they'd love for Bones, Uhura and the rest to join them!

DSTChuck: Right now we have no figures planned.

Alex W.: What are the next figures you’re planning for the Mortal Kombat gallery series?

DSTChuck: Once we release the Scorpion Gallery well look at where we are and decide.

Unknown: Would love you see you guys take on the Classic Land Of The Lost series. With a Build a Pylon wave of figures. Marshal, Will, Holly and Chaka, Enik, Sleestak would make great army builders.

DSTChuck: Sorry that is not a property we are looking at at this time.

Leonardo A.: How long until a new Mephisto reissue?

DSTChuck: There is none planned at this time.

Nathaniel R.: Will the DC Gallery range return?

DSTChuck: Only time will tell, it on hold for the time being.

Ser Anthony: Any new Marvel Selects?

DSTChuck: Not at the show but several are in the works.

Luis T.: Is there going to be a Venom Movie figure?

DSTChuck: Sorry, no.

Dawn D.: Any more buffy items coming?

DSTChuck: I am sorry not at this time but we are working to see if we can expand our offerings.

Rowell P.: You will release Galactus and sentinel (action figure) marvel select?

DSTChuck: There are no plans for either of those.

Majo K.: Since Gollum is at your booth of your new stuff for release, when will we get new information about new figures from the Lord of the Rings line? Or tease for new waves. And also we will soon see a female character from this franchise like Galariel, Arwen, etc.?

DSTChuck: Once we have the ok to develop more figures we'll let everyone know.

Mark J.: Will the life size SW figures be re-released?

DSTChuck: They will not.

Adam H.: Any plans on doing more quarter scale figures? I miss that line.

DSTChuck: We do too but no comeback is planned at this time.

Steve B.: Can we please get an Apocalypse figure/statue. Can not believe he has not been produced in either line with all the obscure characters DST has released.

DSTChuck: Sure.

Bryan B.: Are you finally going to announce the ship date for Godzilla 93?

DSTChuck: All shipmates / on sale dates are very much up in the air.

Chris K.: Ever tried to get the Bond license?

DSTChuck: Yes.

Scott H.: Looking good! Do you have the matrix license?

DSTChuck: No.

@JemItaly: Will we finally have a glimpse at some #JemAndTheHolograms merchandise? #PrettyPlease

DSTChuck: Soon I hope.