Ask DST #456 - Cobra Kai, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more!

Ask DST #456 - Cobra Kai, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more!

Posted by GGLTD on 04/03/2023

You asked, we answered....and we've got something for everyone! In this double segment of Ask DST, DSTChuck dives into Muppets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lord of the Rings, and more! Have a question that' has not been answered yet? Submit your own at the bottom for our next segment.


Graham T.: I'm excited to hear you're making more Muppet Select figures! Will you be re-releasing any of the figures not released in the Best of Series, maybe a two-pack of penguins?

DSTChuck: We are glad you are excited! We do have some new figures planned, and yes, we are looking into re-issues of figures that some fans might have missed out on.


Brian R.: So now that you have shown Cobra Kai series 2 curious if we are going to see more ....there are so many characters Miguel, Robby,Tori, Eli , Sam... Mike Barnes....

DSTChuck: Series 3 has not been decided on, and will in part depends on how well Series 2 does.


Kyle A.: Do you have any long-term plans for Pacific Rim action figures beyond the upcoming Gipsy Danger figure?

DSTChuck: Yes, we do have a new idea planned for some Pacific Rim releases. Look for a reveal of the next wave shortly!


Hovik S.: Will you guys be selling any accessory packs for the Lord of the Rings line? Like a pack that includes extra weapons, hands, headsculpt, cloth clothing, effects etc.? Maybe even make it a DST shop exclusive so that we can get the accessories that weren't able to make it for the individual character due to cost

DSTChuck: Right now, there is not one planned, but we have done accessory packs in the past, so it is possible.


Bingsu B.: Will we get more Marvel Select action figures from MCU movies and series? We need Moon Knight, Namor, etc.

DSTChuck: We are planning more MCU Select figures, and hopefully it works out, but at this time we are not expecting to go “backwards.”


Enrique M.: What happened to the last ronin Diorama pvc Figure?

DSTChuck: We had a production delay, but we have since re-solicited it for sale and manufacturing is moving along rapidly.


Careena: Where are all the Nightmare Before Christmas items???

DSTChuck: We hope to announce some new NBX figures and products shortly.


Corey B.: Are you planning to do figures from The Hobbit? I’d love Bilbo, Thorin (all the dwarves really), Azog, Tauriel… the list goes on!

DSTChuck: We do hope to get to do some figures from Hobbit, as long as fans respond to what we are doing – that is the plan. Lots of great stuff out there we can do.


Len B.: Hello, will you be making more figures from the movie "The Black Hole" It would be awesome to give us a humanoid figure, S.T.A.R and Sentry, you could make extra money by just doing a repaint of the sentry figure for S.T.A.R.

DSTChuck: For sure we would like to do more Black Hole figures, we will see what the future holds..


Caesar S.: Why not make action figures of Marvel’s Celestials (Jack Kirby’s style) that would be awesome!!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have plans at this time but never say never.


Chris K.: Love the Lord of the Rings figures. Though is there any plans for busts, gallery type statues further down the line?

DSTChuck: Thanks! And yes, we plan to expand the LotR line in 2023 to include more categories. Look for the first Gallery Diorama to be offered shortly.


Jeff S.: Absolutely love the Marvel Gallery Diorama Statue line, especially the X-Men characters. Can we expect to see some more of their villains such as Sabretooth, Mystique, Magneto etc? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Yes!


Ollie P.: Hello there I am enjoying your LOTR figure line so far and wondered if there is anymore army builder figures planned like the Moria orc and Uruk-Hai? I would love to see some Gondorian and elf army builders!

DSTChuck: The possibility exists for more army builders, but we’ll see.


Nathaniel R.: Have you finished making DC gallery statues? And if so will you be making them again in the future?

DSTChuck: Right now that line is on hold, but we hope to get back at it one day.


Chris C.: I have started to collect your Lord of the Rings figures. Will you be working on a Game of thrones collection or any other fantasy series? The Witcher or The Wheel of Time? Thank you

DSTChuck: I think more fantasy-based products might be in our future!


Jeff S.: What happened to the Mortal Kombat Gallery Diorama Statue line? Raiden, Sub-Zero, Kitana and Scorpion were amazing! Was hoping to see more characters.

DSTChuck: For the time being, we are not working on any MK video game-based figures.


Joseph S.: Will you guys ever produce the retro mego style marvel figures again? Particularly a villain line, I know I’d like to see a Green Goblin one to go with my Spider-Man.

DSTChuck: We do not have any plans for more at this time.


Billy: Seems like everyone is making TMNT action figures... most aren't that good. Any interest in making any TMNT action figures?

DSTChuck: At this time we are not granted the rights to TMNT action figures, but we do have new TMNT products coming soon, including Minimates, D-Formz and PVC Dioramas.