Ask DST #453 - Star Wars, NBX, Star Trek, & More!

Ask DST #453 - Star Wars, NBX, Star Trek, & More!

Posted by GGLTD on 12/12/2022

It’s a new batch of Ask DST questions, and Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, Ltd.'s president DSTChuck is ready to answer them! Read on to see what’s up with Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar The Last Airbender, Jem and Nightmare Before Christmas! Then ask your own question here!


AJ: Is there any Marvel Gallery statues planned for the upcoming movies or disney+ shows?
DSTChuck: YES!


Mateo: Any chance you could produce valiant comics action figures?
DSTChuck: I am sorry, there are no plans at this time for figures based on Valiant comics.


Liam K.: Will we be getting more marvel select mcu movie figures this year?
DSTChuck: There are more MCU figures in the works for 2023!


Dave M.: Will we ever see more Star Trek figures from DST? You guys produced the best line in my opinion. And given the resurgence of the franchise seems a good time to make a comeback and get the license again.
DSTChuck: I am sorry there are no plans for more Star Trek action figures at this time.


Raymond: Any more plans for Avatar? Any more diorama and figure?
DSTChuck: YES!


Mike: When will we get more Star Wars Figures? So far we have Boba Fett, Storm Troopers & Darth Maul. Is there a possibility we'll get Boba Fett in his new look ftom The Book of Boba Fett? Also is there any chance we'll get all black outfit Jedi Luke from the Mandalorian? By the way these figure are awesome please keep them coming.
DSTChuck: You forgot Chewbacca! The action figures for Star Wars are done in partnership with Disney stores and parks, so we have to wait for them to decide to go forward with more characters.


Zach H.: Will we be seeing more mcu minimates for the movies that just recently came out
DSTChuck: I am sorry, there are no plans at this time to go backwards with the Minimates for MCU.


Davide: When will we have a glimpse of the announced Jem and The Holograms collectibles?
DSTChuck: The Jem statue will be in the January issue of Previews, so late December!


Dan H.: Will you be able to make fraggles from fraggle rock and a gorg garden playset this would be amazing!
DSTChuck: We’re huge fans of Fraggle Rock , but we do not have the rights to make product at this time.


Tyler F.: Any news on new Nightmare Before Christmas? A possible series 11?
DSTChuck: A series 11 of NBX has not been ruled out! There are still some characters we’d like to make…


Chris K.: Are you done with the X-Files?
DSTChuck: We have no new plans for X-Files at this time.


Martin H.: That was bad news about the window closing on more Black Hole figures, does the same time frame apply to making more Tron figures?
DSTChuck: At this time we do not have any Tron or Black Hole in development, but we hope that will change in the future – never say never!


Thomas M.: Do you have any plans on releasing Star Trek statues or busts in the future?
DSTChuck: I am sorry, we do not have any plans at this time for more Trek statues or bust.


Marshall S.: Are you discontinuing Lost in Space B9 Robot?
DSTChuck: We are not discontinuing B9. We love that guy!