Ask DST # 453 - Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, & More!

Ask DST # 453 - Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, & More!

Posted by GGLTD on 01/26/2023

AskDST is back and this month we've got the remedy to your burning questions on Diamond's The Lord of the Rings line, Pacific Rim, and more! Are Indiana Jones collectibles a possibility? Will Spider-Man face more foes? Check out president DSTChuck's answers below. Have your own questions? Submit them to!


Hovhannes S.: Back in the day ToyBiz made an "Eye of Sauron" figure, obviously to make one in scale wouldn't be possible, but would you guys consider making a 12-inch tall (or even 18-inch tall) Eye of Sauron tower with light up features, and audio sounds from the movie? Because I think it would look really cool and for display purposes placing it in the background would give the illusion that it's larger than it actually is perfect for some cool photos.

DSTChuck: That is not something we have in the plans, but you are correct, that would be very cool. If the Lord of the Rings line continues to do well – maybe something might be possible.


David O.: Can I know if DST has plans for more Gallery Diorama of Spidey's rogues now that the Sinister Six lineup is completed? Would really wish to see a new Venom Gallery, also some other iconic rogues like Rhino, Lizard, and Scorpion in Gallery form.

DSTChuck: Spider-Man is never far from any planning conversation we might have.


Sasha: I rewatched the Hobbit trilogy and was surprised on how many different characters could be made like Azog, the Wargs, the War Trolls, Sauron (maybe alternate paint job), the Ringwriaths in Armor (I believe each one is unique from one another), Thranduil and his Elk, the Dwarves and the pigs they ride on during war, Bard the Bowman, Tauriel, horses etc.... many of these might be deluxe figures, are there any plans for these?

DSTChuck: We have several more series planned or already in the works, and we will keep going as long as there is fan interest and WB allows. That said, some of those might be tough.


Jazmin: Will you guys make any Hellboy and or Mignolaverse action figures? I know NECA was doing Guillermo del Toro collection could something similar be done with Mike Mignola? To get figures like Monkey with a Gun, Robot Hellboy, etc.?

DSTChuck: While we have done some Hellboy in the past and are big fans of the character, there is nothing in the works at this time.


Axel A.: Are you going to make other Pacific Rim toys?

DSTChuck: Yes.


Mark: With having the LOTR license will we be getting other items besides 7-inch action figures like minimates, statues, prop replicas, masks etc.?

DSTChuck: We do have a few different items in the works for Lord of the Rings, and should be offering them fairly soon.


Huston P.: Hi Chuck: Any chance Indiana Jones may be on the horizon as a select figure?

DSTChuck: Sadly, I do not think Select is possible, but we would LOVE to be able to do some Indy stuff…