Ask DST #444 - Star Wars, Marvel Select, Cobra Kai, & More!

Ask DST #444 - Star Wars, Marvel Select, Cobra Kai, & More!


It’s a new Ask DST from Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. president DSTChuck, and this week the questions cover all areas, from Marvel to Jem, from Star Wars to He-Man, and from to Cobra Kai to Sonic! Read on for Chuck’s answers, then submit your own question here!

Dexter: Is there any chance of getting a Marvel Select Mephisto re-issue, sir? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We never say never, but at this time that seems unlikely.

Andrew: Are you doing any more Cobra Kai/Karate Kid figures?

DSTChuck: We do have more action figures in the works for Cobra Kai, as well as some other surprises!

Alex J.: Any plans for a Rancor Statue, especially one that may scale with 6 or 7" figures?

DSTChuck: I think that would be too huge to be practical, but never say never!

Olivier B.: Hello! Is Jem still happening at DST? I cannot wait to see the offer if it is...Thanks!

DSTChuck: Yes, we are still hard at work on a Jem item!

Rebecca L.: Would ever consider getting into anything anime wise? Such as my hero Academia, Naruto, etc.?

DSTChuck: We have done some anime from time to time, but right now we have no new properties in the works.

Ben R.: Since marvel has Conan back do you have any plans to do some Gallery Conan statues.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Conan is not covered in our Marvel comics rights.

Xavier G.: I’m just wondering if you guys have any plans of making a Movie Knuckles the echidna statue and also a Tail the fox statue just like how you guys finally came out the Sonic movie statue

DSTChuck: We’ll have to see how demand is for our Sonic movie Gallery and take it from there.

Jason P.: How about doing same with the 80’s Filmation He-Man? Gallery or premier as either would be awesome!

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have any He-Man products in the works.

Andrew G.: Are you going to make any figures from the uncharted movie other than Nathan Drake?

DSTChuck: Sorry, that is the only figure we were able to develop.

Rob B.: Are you guys going to be coming out with more different horror characters on your Gallery Diorama Selection?

DSTChuck: We would like to! We’ll just have to see how licensing negotiations go…