Ask DST #442 - NBX, Star Wars Jumbo Figures, & More!

Ask DST #442 - NBX, Star Wars Jumbo Figures, & More!


It’s a new Ask DST, and this week Diamond Select Toys' and Gentle Giant Ltd.'s president, DSTChuck, is answering your questions about a whole bunch of topics! Addressed in this installment: Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mortal Kombat and more. Read on for his answers, then submit your own questions at!

David E.: When will we have a glimpse of the announced Jem and The Holograms collectibles?

DSTChuck: Our first Jem piece is with Hasbro for approval, so we hope to hear something soon.

C. W.: When will we see some more jumbo figures from the Star Wars vintage line that are based on the original Kenner vintage line from 1978-1985?

DSTChuck: We are producing several jumbos per year, but I can’t say who or what at this point.

Tyler F.: Any news on new Nightmare Before Christmas? A possible series 11?

DSTChuck: We are working on some new NBX items but at this point I can’t say for SURE if there will be an action figure Series 11. We’re pretty happy where we are after 10 series, BUT there are characters that could make up a series 11 so…

Wick: Can you re-release the DeLorean?

DSTChuck: Sorry, at this time we are not able to produce more of the lights-and-sounds DeLorean.

Dustin B.: Where is Mortal Kombat Scorpion? Is this piece canceled? It’s going on 2 years past its projected release date.

DSTChuck: The Scorpion should begin processing shortly.

Bobby: When are new Marvel Selects going to be announced/released? Will there be any Shang Chi Marvel Selects coming out?

DSTChuck: I believe we just announced a new figure, and we will announce another one shortly. I am sorry, but at this time we do not have a Shang-Chi in development.

Jeremy J.: Any plans for more Invader Zim figures besides the three upcoming two-packs?

DSTChuck: Right now, we are trying to work through production issues on the announced 2-packs.

Gabriel C.: Which has a longer process in the making, PVC Gallery/Resin statues or Marvel Select action figures? I ask because recently DST has been releasing more statues than MS action figures.

DSTChuck: I would say the development length of Gallery and action figures is about the same, but action figures are a little longer because of the articulation. Resin statues in general are shorter, because they do not have a steel tool.

Chris H.: Have you guys ever considered Doctor Who for the Select line. That series is crying out for some decent high end 7” figures. I know there’s the 1/6th stuff and 5” stuff done by other companies, but no one has touched the 7” scale. I would love some in scale Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and LOTR figures in my collection.

DSTChuck: Several years ago, we reached to out the BBC and they were not interested, but we do bring it up internally from time to time.