Ask DST #441 - Moon Knight, Star Wars, TRON, & More!

Ask DST #441 - Moon Knight, Star Wars, TRON, & More!


It’s a new Ask DST, and this week Diamond Select Toys' and Gentle Giant Ltd.'s president, DSTChuck, is answering your questions about a whole bunch of topics! Addressed in this installment: Star Wars, Moon Knight, Sonic and more. Read on for his answers, then submit your own questions at!

Ivan: Are you planning to release any Spider-Man: No Way Home action figures including the villains?

DSTChuck: We do not have any more plans for No Way Home.

Michael: Might there be a reissue of the Moon Knight figure or the release of an MCU version in 2022 on account of the upcoming Disney Plus series?

DSTChuck: We are just starting to receive reference for the new show, so we’ll see what we can get done.

Curtis: Regarding the Avatar the Last Airbender series, will you be releasing anymore characters beyond series 5? Particularly the characters Suki, Mai and Ty Lee?

DSTChuck: We have discussed the idea of a 6th series, but the marketplace has changed since we started so we’ll have to see…

Dean: We Sonic fans seen a picture of a Classic Sonic Action Figure at a convention back in 2020. Are those action figure still coming out? It been about roughly 2 years with no further information. Was really hoping it was gonna come out last year because of sonic 30th anniversary.

DSTChuck: Those figures were shown at Toy Fair to gauge interest from buyers. They were not solicited for orders, the interest at Toy Fair was sufficient, so we moved them to development. I would expect if all goes well, we will solicit for orders in the next few months.

Chadwick P.: Any plans to expand the 7" star wars line?

DSTChuck: We develop that line in cooperation with and their buying team, so any announcements for new figures has to come from them… but stay tuned!

John W.: I was wondering when the second series of Tron figures were coming out and what figures will be featured?

DSTChuck: We have discussed that with Disney, but right now we do not have news to report.

Jason P.: Can we get some He-Man statues or maquettes from the original series? The gallery or premiere line would be perfect for these.

DSTChuck: We agree, and it’s been discussed with Mattel in the past, but right now we have nothing new to report. Never say never!

Gable M.: I love the Thing and Human Torch Select figures. Any chance of a Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman to follow?

DSTChuck: Yes, I think there is a good chance.

Robert B.: How is the "Robby the Robot" coming along?

DSTChuck: I am sorry to say, we have had to stop work on our Robbie projects due to a licensing issue.

Thomas D.: Will there be any further Lord of the Rings releases? I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping for more

DSTChuck: We are in discussions right now with WB about what could come for the next several series, we hope to have some news very soon.