Ask DST #434 - Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Avatar, and More!

Ask DST #434 - Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Avatar, and More!


You asked, we answered! This week DSTChuck has addressed your inquiries with more detail than ever! See what Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, Ltd. president has to say about our Lord of the Rings line, Marvel Comic Galleries, Avatar: The Last Airbender Line, and more! Ask your own question here!

Hovik S. - For the Lord of the Rings line, any chance we can see diorama pieces like Bilbo's house, the meeting where they discussed who takes the ring, or the eye of sauron? These would probably need to be crowdfunded. Would DST be open to crowdfunding for larger items like this? Also toybiz made an eye of sauron figure years ago with a light up feature, any chance for an eye of sauron figure/tower?

DSTChuck - Right now at this moment we do not have any plans for crowd sourcing items, but we have discussed it for items that are larger or more expensive and might have a small but very dedicated fan following.

Moshe M. - Have you ever considered re-releasing older items? Many of them are nearly impossible to find except at ridiculously exorbitant prices on the after-market. For example, I would be very interested in getting the Gentle giant Star Wars Power Droid Jumbo Figure (or even a couple of them) if it were to be re-released.

DSTChuck - For items that are limited to a specific qty, we would not re-release them as they were exactly done originally. We would make some sort of change to make it different.

Chris F. - Curious what are the chances of you guys making a Clone Wars version of Darth Maul holding the Darth saber? Looking like he does in his animation form. 

DSTChuck - The animated based product has been doing well, so there is a chance.. However, we might want to take a little break from Maul for a bit. We have been a little Maul heavy this past year.

Benjamin W. - Hello, I’d like to say that I love your figures and statues and have been a collector of your products for a long time. Recently I have been collecting the Lord of the Rings line and just completed Sauron, he’s magnificent. The whole line is great really. Do you have plans to make figures past wave 4 and the Deluxe Gollum? Or plans to make the capes or other accessories first showcased that didn’t make it into the figure releases. I know Dlx Gollum comes with some left out parts so thank you for that.

DSTChuck - Thank you for your support. We are working right now with Warner Bro to see what could be next for the line. Hopefully we’ll have something soon.

Michael J. - I am an avid collector of DST dioramas, have almost 30 statues. When is Dr Doom going to be released and is it going to be on the website? I saw it on Walmart but they were sold out.

DSTChuck - WOW, cool! I am sure Walmart will have more soon, they placed a very fair order based on expected demand.

Michael K. - I have a couple of questions: 1. Any chance of rereleasing the Jun Planning Nightmare Before Christmas action figures, since you did the dolls? 2. Since you are making Darkwing Duck figures, any plans for other Disney Afternoon shows characters like the Gummi Bears? 3. This one is more of a suggestion, please make Sweetums in the Muppet line!

  1. DSTChuck - We have not discussed re-making those, so I don’t think so..
  2. DSTChuck - We’re going to see how it goes I think.
  3. DSTChuck - I agree that would be cool.

Ilsa O. - I’ve bought all the Avatar Gallery figures, but it’s been a while since Zuko was announced. Are Sokka and Toph going to be made? I’d happily finish the set. 

DSTChuck - Work is proceeding on several other Gallery statues.

Markarit - Got the Aragorn and loved the head sculpt! One of the best, he is so hard to capture. Question for the Moria orc, why wasn’t the third head with the hair included? Will it be an exclusive? And any chance after Gandalf and the urukai we get some horses (Brego or shadowfax), trolls, the balrog? 

DSTChuck - With all the paint and everything else involved in that line as well as rising cost for manufacturing and transportation, sadly we had to make several cuts to some of the figures in that line to make the price point. I don’t know how possible a horse or Balrog would be in scale.

Desiree S. - Hi there! I'd love to see a BT-1 statue or bust to go with the forthcoming Triple Zero bust. Any plans for a BT companion piece? 

DSTChuck - Not at this time, but let's see how Aphra and Zero go over with collectors.

Daniel J. - Do you guys have any plans for more Nightmare before Christmas dioramas? The guillotine was amazing! Will we ever see the town square fountain released again? Many thanks. 

DSTChuck - We feel good about where we are after 10 series BUT it's such a GREAT movie there is always a chance we could come back to it.