Ask DST #431: Marvel Select, Star Wars, The Muppets, & More!

Ask DST #431: Marvel Select, Star Wars, The Muppets, & More!


It’s summertime, and the questions are coming fast! Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, Ltd.’s president, DSTChuck, is here to answer your queries, and you’ve got a lot of them! From Avatar to Black Hole, from Marvel to Muppets, from Star Wars to Tron, all the answers you could ask for are here! Don’t see your question answered? Submit it at!

Ricky V.

I absolutely love your Nightmare Before Christmas action figure line! I have every character released thus far and cannot wait for series 10 to ship. Any chance we’ll get the Crow Gatekeeper, Old Witch with the Apple, and The Reaper?! After those three are made, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a figure of every last Halloweentown resident!

DSTChuck: Ricky, I am glad you have enjoyed the line so far! We have not decided if we are going to go forward with another series after 10. We’ll have to see how sales are.

Daniel A.

We were hoping to receive a Star Wars McQuarrie bust this year as the convention exclusive. Does the fact that this annual tradition was skipped this year mean that no more are planned? When might we see another one?

DSTChuck: Daniel, I am not sure why you are under the perception that we are skipping that line this year.

Jimmy M.

Has the recent release of the Muppet Show on Disney + created some renewed interest in the Muppet line? Are there any talks of releasing new characters (like Pigs in Space, Sweetums, Pepe, Uncle Deadly?)

DSTChuck: I would not say it has increased demand. For us, the Muppets line has been a slow but consistently building line. If given time and breathing room, the figures seem to find their audience.

Adrienne L.

Hi there. I love the Lord of The Rings action figures you've been releasing since last Fall. I have a question though ...Will you be releasing the three incredibly strong & beautiful female characters at some point? I would love to add them to my collection. Galadriel, Éowyn, and Arwen. I love them all so much. Thank you.

DSTChuck: If the first few series of figures do well enough, we would love nothing more than to keep the line going and going…

Johan C.

Hi! I really enjoyed the Tron and Black Hole action figures. Will we see a series 2 for each line?

DSTChuck: We are not sure what the future will be for both of those lines, but we are looking at that right now.

Evan G.

Are there any plans for more clone trooper busts or milestone statues?

DSTChuck: We are aware that troopers are very popular, and we’re always looking at opportunities to include them.

Frank P.

With the success of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, can we be excited about any minimate announcement?

DSTChuck: We do not have plans for Minimates for Wandavision at this time, but Falcon and the Winter Soldier Minimates are available now!

Stephano D.

Is there any chance for Tron Legacy figures? Thanks.

DSTChuck: They are not planned at this time, but the idea has not been ruled out.

Robert L.

Will you be making a Cara Dune bust, or is that character off limits? Also, I am a huge fan of the Jumbo Star Wars figure line, would you consider making Amanaman or the Max Rebo Band?

DSTChuck: We do have some more characters planned from Mandalorian, but not Cara at this time. The Jumbo line is still going forward, so anything would be possible. I am not sure how practical either of those are, but we’ll see.

Michael M.

Will there be any more figures for Netflix's Castlevania. (ones from newer seasons)?

DSTChuck: I’m sorry, we do not have any more planned at this time, but never say never.

Joel Y.

Hi, I was wondering if your studio plans to continue your Avatar the Bast Airbender line? I have them all and would love more! Also have you considered doing anything with the Avatar Korra era? That would be amazing!

DSTChuck: Joel, all I can say is that we have more figures in development right now.

Josafath J.

Is there any chance of a re-issue of the Alice Madness Returns collection?? I truly need those figures!!

DSTChuck: I’m sorry, there are no plans for another production run at this time.

Luke B.

Is the Diamond Select Gallery Marvel Bishop (X-Men) statue still coming out?? Is there a release date?

DSTChuck: Luke, Bishop is part of the resin statue line and not the PVC Gallery line, and it is still in the works.

Andrew G.

Will you ever make any figures of the new Matrix movie with Keanu Reeves since you did figures of John Wick so well?

DSTChuck: We do not have a license for the new Matrix movie at this time.

Jay M.

Are we likely to see any Buffy figures in the future? Would love to see a revival of the line!

DSTChuck: For now, we are focused on the Gallery line, but we’ll see what the future holds.

Tara C.

My question is if there is a new Harley Quinn in the making from The Suicide Squad??? I’m super excited for merchandise to start to release from the new movie and I really hope to add to my Harley collection!!!!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, we are not planning any merchandise for the new SS movie.

David R.

Will there be minimates for the Shang Chi movie?

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have any MM planned for that movie.

Hovik S.

Have you guys considered doing a comic Hellboy figure line? Would love to see characters in the Mignolaverse from you guys as there are more mythical and interesting characters than just Hellboy to explore and it's a nice universe to collect for people who aren't into DC/Marvel and/or are into them but want some other comic characters in their display to spice things up.

DSTChuck: Yes, we have discussed that. There is nothing planned at this time, but never say never.