Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek (Klingon) Faux Marble Bookend


Expected release date is Q2, of 2019

“Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!”

Today is a good day to die! Or to read, so grab a book or an ancient text from your shelf. We can help you with the new Star Trek: Discovery Klingon Emblem Stoneworks bookend! This white, limited-edition, faux marble bookend highlights the timelessness of these Star Trek symbols and will add a touch of class to your ready-room, Captain’s chambers or any collection. For over 50 years the Klingon emblem has stood for honor, courage, and an uneasy relationship that is ever changing.

Designed and embellished to create the appearance of classic stone sculpture and cast in high quality polystone, the Star Trek: Discovery Klingon Emblem Stoneworks bookend is a stunning iconic piece that is worthy of display on your shelf by itself or effortlessly holding up media of your choice. Each hand-painted bookend is built on a 90 degree angle so you can choose how to display. The Star Trek: Discovery Klingon logo Stoneworks bookend is sold as a single piece so you can double up, mix and match or pair up with our recently announced Starfleet Emblem Stoneworks bookend. Each Stoneworks bookend comes with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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Release Date:
Expected release date is Q2, of 2019

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