1. Honey Trap Katya Statue

    Honey Trap Katya Statue


    Katya is mysterious and aloof, often preferring the company of her dogs: a Doberman, and a Dachshund pup. Not much is known of her background, but the story goes that Katya grew up in the traveling Royal Ming Circus. Learn More
  2. Honey Trap Lucky Statue

    Honey Trap Lucky Statue


    Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the next statue in our exciting new Honey Trap line, Lucky! This gorgeous 18" scale statue has been digitally sculpted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd. and cold-cast using only the highest quality polystone, then integrated with a variety of mixed media. Learn More
  3. Honey Trap Derby Statue

    Honey Trap Derby Statue


    >Make way for the one-woman riot squad! Derby's on the loose, so you'd better look out or this sexy siren on skates will make you her personal crash test dummy! Learn More
  4. Honey Trap Whisper Statue

    Honey Trap Whisper Statue


    The silent assassin of the sea, Whisper is just as cunning and skilled as the sharks she keeps company with. Swim with her at your own risk. Learn More