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Yoda Ilum Statue
Regular Price: $115.00
Currently Unavailable

Pre-Order - Q2 2014 Release
Intended to be a companion piece to our upcoming Padme Amidala Statue, this fresh interpretation of the character - a realistic rendering inspired by animation - is dark, dramatic and unique.
Magma Trooper Statue
Regular Price: $140.00

Gentle Giant Ltd brings you this special limited edition statue from the Expanded Universe, the Magma trooper. Also known as
Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues Statue
Regular Price: $145.00

Luke Skywalker dressed in his Bespin fatigues and straight out of 1980's Empire Strikes Back. With Light saber drawn, Luke will meet
Greedo Statue - 2010 PG Exclusive
PGM Exclusive Price $160.00
Sold Out

Following up the release of the Blue Snaggletooth creature cantina statue, Gentle Giant presents the Rodian Bounty Hunter Greedo.
Walrus Man (Ponda Boba) Statue - 2011 PGM Exclusive

Ponda Baba, simply known as Walrus Man to many, was an ill-tempered, thuggish Aqualish pirate and the partner of Dr. Evazan. His appearance
Senate Guard Statue
Regular Price: $165.00

An elite security force assembled to protect members of the Galactic  Senate, the Senate Guard were garbed in outdated yet symbolic blue robes and  helmets. The
Jabba's Palace Band
Regular Price: $195.00

Max Rebo was a favorite of Jabba the Hutt, and his band was a mainstay at the bloated gangster's palace.  The band included, Max Rebo
Blue Clone Trooper Lieutenant Statue - SW Celebration VI 2012 Exclusive
Regular Price: $200.00

Cloned and specially trained as officers on the watery world of Kamino, the clone trooper lieutenants served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars conflict. The rank of clone trooper
Darth Talon Statue
Regular Price: $225.00

Darth Talon, clad in black Sith tattoos is the female Twi’lek practitioner of the dark side of the force. Armed with a unique single crimson bladed lightsaber
Female Stormtrooper Statue
Regular Price: $225.00

Jes Gistang, the female Corellian who served as a Stormtrooper in the Imperial Galactic Army and was the heavy artillery expert