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As a result of our research on how to most efficiently process orders through our system in conjunction with our fulfillment warehouse:

Effective immediately, we are limiting each order to one (1) sku/item per order.

By doing so, this allows Gentle Giant Ltd. and our fulfillment warehouse partner to process orders most efficiently and most expediently.

This change will also have a positive impact on the My Rewards Program; since reward points are only accumulated when an order is complete. If you had several items on an order and not all the items were available you would not be credited for the order until all items had shipped.

As part of this change, we will also take all existing orders with remaining pre-ordered items that have not been fulfilled and place each one on a separate order.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department via email at or phone 818.504.3555 from 9am to 6pm PST Monday through Friday.

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PGM Exclusives Premier Guild Membership
2014 Premier Guild Membership Benefits:

  • Membership is based on the calendar year. Valid from January 1st 2014 through December 31st, 2014.
  • Members will have an option to choose from 4 Premier Guild Exclusives as their FREE gift! This year we will be offering a selection of 3 Star Wars, 1 Marvel piece. You will have the option to purchase the other 3 items.
  • Members will receive 10% off all their orders of non-exclusive/regular release products placed directly through the Gentle Giant Ltd. Website.
  • Premier Guild Members will receive a one time use $30 coupon code for use on a purchase of in stock merchandise when they purchase the 2014 PG Membership.

  • In addition, Premier Guild Members will receive a $10 gift certificate code for use on any on line purchase (including pre-orders)

  • All Pre-Orders for PG Members will be guaranteed. There will be no more conditional or wait listing for our members. (If pre-ordered during the pre-order time frame)

  • You may one or more PGM 2014 gifts on an order. Please Note: You will be charged separate shipping and handling charges per shipment (not order).

  • First hand opportunity to purchase any exclusive that we create. This includes all distributor, international, and convention exclusives. While supplies last.

  • Opportunity to pre-order and post-order San Diego Comic Con Exclusives before anyone else. While supplies last. Limit one per member unless otherwise noted.

  • We will also be offering exclusive variants and bonus accessories for some of our 2014 releases created just for our PG members!

  • Option to purchase our exclusive annual Holiday Release.
  • Receive inside scoop with sneak peeks of upcoming product as well as interviews from behind the scenes. This will include more information than our normal newsletter and website updates.

Disclaimer: Membership fees are non-refundable. For all exclusives that are made available to PG Members, it is not guaranteed that every member will be able to obtain each product. Quantities are limited and subject to availability. Exclusives are limited to 1 per member unless otherwise noted.

Members must join by June 1st 2014; pre-order their free gift choice as well as any additional 2013 PGM gifts in order to be guaranteed the gift of their choice and an on-time Q4 2014 release. If members join after June 1st 2014, and their choice of a gift is not available at time of shipping then one of the other 3 available gifts will be sent if still available. If all 4 gifts happen to not be available then member will be able to redeem another mini bust from our 2014 release. Subject to availability. Mini Bust redeemed cannot be valued higher than $80. Rules and regulations subject to change.

Well Walker Mini Bust
Regular Price: $75.00

In the episode “Cherokee Rose,” survivors Dale and T-Dog find a walker at the bottom of Hershel’s well. In an attempt to salvage the water

Luke Endor Mini Bust PGM 2014 Gift
Regular Price: $80.00
Click Here to Order

PGM 2014 GIFT Pre-Order - Q4 2014 Release
At the climax of Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker leads a rebel strike force to an Imperial outpost on Endor. Their mission: disable the generators powering the energy shields protecting the Emperor’s new Death Star. Little does he know that this mission
Daredevil Mini Bust PGM 2014 Gift
Regular Price: $80.00
Clk Here to Order

PGM 2014 GIFT Pre-Order - Q4 2014 Release
PLEASE NOTE: This product ONLY ships within USA, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico
As a boy, Matt Murdock saved a man from being hit by a truck. Unfortunately for him, the truck crashed and spilled its cargo of extremely toxic chemicals into his face. He awoke in the hospital blind from the toxins, but soon learned that his other senses were amplified
2-1B Vintage Jumbo Figure PGM 2014 Gift
Regular Price: $80.00
Clk Here to Order

PGM 2014 GIFT Pre-Order - Q4 2014 Release
Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to our exciting line of vintage Kenner-inspired Star Wars Action Figure reproductions with the release of the classic Too OneBee (2-1B) Medical Droid!
Queen Amidala Red Senate Gown PGM 2014 Gift
Regular Price: $80.00
Clk Here to Order

PGM 2014 GIFT Pre-Order - Q4 2014 Release
Before secretly marrying Anakin Skywalker and giving birth to future heroes of the Galactic Rebellion, Padme Amidala was Queen of Naboo. Now the master artisans at Gentle Giant Studios are proud to bring you Her Royal Highness in all of her majesty.
Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald - 2012 Holiday Deluxe Mini Bust Set
Regular Price: $119.99
Click Here to Order

For the first time, Gentle Giant is offering collectors the chance to bring home Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald for the Holidays!
2014 Premier Guild Membership

Regular Price: $80.00/12 month(s)

2014 Membership
Valid through December 31st, 2014

Annual Premier Guild Membership Fee
Valid through December 31st, 2014